Self-Reflection *is* Practical

There’s a notion that many of us have that self-reflection (i.e. naval gazing) is an aberrant waste of time. It doesn’t accomplish much but cause annoyance, distraction, and frustration because the problems we are hoping to solve don’t appear solvable. And “real stuff” obligations gets left undone.

So we instead focus our attention on what we called practical, which includes household duties or work affairs, such as working hard and earning money, taking care of our loved ones, and building a strong financial portfolio.

Yet…wouldn’t we be able to make much better decisions if we consciously knew why we are doing what we are doing?

Or, at the very least, keep a door open to question why we’re doing what we’re doing? To see if it holds water…and really is aligned with what our soul really seeks?

If we did, we could potentially save ourselves tremendous amount of time, energy, and money, allocating our resources far more precisely around what our desire actually is.

Taken to a higher dimension, if we do feel we’re on this planet to learn or accomplish something, it behooves us to have some sense of what that is.

In my case, self-realization being my life priority, I’ve arranged my lifestyle around this premise. While lots of so-called practical things were given lower priority, I’ve made solid headway in what reallly matters to me.

And that is very, very practical.

Ranjeeth Thunga
Perspective Analyst

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