We help you cultivate a deeper life perspective, through the content, products, and services we offer. Our approach is is founded on the principles of respect, joy and Common Truth.

Our work takes many forms, primarily as content. This is through our blog and number of satellite sites. This also includes the form of articles, ebooks, presentations, and social media posts.

Some of our projects include:

and a few others.

Also check out our sister company, Liazzone.com, providing liaison services to organizations.

In addition to the content, we offer the following vehicles to help you:


We provide one-on-one counseling sessions to help you know yourself. We help you reflect on your goals, vision, lifestyle, priorities, relationships, and hopefully uncover the deeper self that transcends all of this.

Org Consulting

We do an audit of the communications, culture, and principles of your organization and help clear tensions in your team. This will allow greater productivity and more importantly, greater joy.


We provide Workshops that can introduce the theory, research, and practical applications of perspective-analysis principles to colleges or corporations.


We interview potential job seekers and clients for your organization to determine the alignment with your values.


We provide voice narration, dubbing, writing, MC’ing to clients who need professional communicator.


We’d be happy to explore partnering with your company.