(project on hold for now, while I better align with my True Self)

We map out you and your team’s perspectives, including your goals, outlook and vision, in order to reveal your True Self. Simultaneously we can help release false perceptions of yourself and others.

We’re working on a number of content projects for 2018. Some of our sites include:

In addition to content, we offer the following services individually, or as part of a monthly subscription package:


We provide one-on-one analysis sessions to help you uncover yourself more deeply. We help you reflect on your goals, vision, lifestyle, priorities, and relationships, with the intention of unraveling your True Self.

Culture Audit

We do a regular audit of the communications, culture, principles, and psychological health of your organization and help clear tensions in your team. This will allow greater productivity and most importantly, greater joy.


We can interview potential job seekers, clients, and employees for your organization to ensure alignment of values.

Note: We’d be happy to explore partnering with your company. Get in touch with us if interested.