Internal Depth represents my lifelong mission to cultivate greater understanding of our Deeper Self by delving deeply into our perspective, and that of others. As part of this work, I offer content and services including consulting and workshops.

This site marks an evolution of my previous work including Skills and Wisdom, Perspective Mapper, and Perspective Link. It is a single-person company, relaunched Jan 1, 2018, marking a fresh start since its original launch in August. This work involves various satellite projects that also express this theme.


Internal: We don’t look outside, but rather inside, within our own mind, heart, and soul, for answers.

Depth: Our work is substantial and penetrating.

About Ranjeeth

I am a Perspective Analyst, helping people develop a richer, fuller understanding of themselves, and each other.

I was born in USA, building bridges in India. A large amount of my time is spent in self-reflection and I’m committed to uncover my True Nature in a systematic, graceful, and non-judgmental manner.

With each one of us having our own challenges…and our own brilliance…and the world changing ever so rapidly, I strongly believe there are no masters in this day and age. Regardless of age or experience, we are all peers. Thus, I hope to share not some pretend mastery, but rather, some nuggets of clarity that I’ve discovered on my journey as a human being trying to be the best person I can.

I strongly feel standard resumes and bios fail to capture the real value a human being offers. For a full articulation of who I am, check out my link: Ranjeeth’s Perspective Report.