(project is currently on-hold as I even better align with my True Self)

Internal Depth is an important part of the expression of my life path: to uncover my True Self. As part of my work, I offer content and services, including consulting and workshops, to help you define and refine your own path as well.

This site marks an evolution of my previous work including Skills and Wisdom, Perspective Mapper, and other projects. I am framing Internal Depth as a single-person organization This work involves various satellite projects that also express my interests.

About Name

The word Internal indicates that solutions arise by looking inside — into our own heart, mind, and Soul.

The word Depth indicates our work is substantial and penetrating….not shallow.

About Me

I call myself a Perspective Analyst, with the mission of tuning into my True Self while shedding false perceptions of who I am. I hope to share my journey with others along the way.

I’m a highly sincere, highly imperfect, human being, committed to the path of uncovering my Soul. I’m committed to doing so in a systematic, graceful, experimental, and non-judgmental manner.

I don’t enjoy perceiving myself (or others) in terms of our education, titles, scores, achievements or affiliations. These I feel distract from genuine human-to-human connection.

What I feel is most important is sharing my perspective with you with the fullest precision and greatest depth possible. If you connect with what I’ve shared, feel free to check out my link for more details: Ranjeeth’s Perspective Report.

Ranjeeth Thunga
Perspective Analyst